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Contraception and Pregnancy in Midlife: Complexities and Research Needs

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Although fertility declines substantially by age 45, many women remain at risk of pregnancy into their fifties. Addressing the contraceptive needs, and in some cases infertility needs of women in the midlife is  critical, given the health risks of unintended and desired late life pregnancies.  As well, increases in chronic conditions may contraindicate some contraceptive choices. This thematic series highlights key questions facing women and clinicians regarding pregnancy and contraceptive choices, risks and benefits during the midlife and the menopausal transition while also outlining research needs given gaps in scientific knowledge.

This thematic series is ongoing and new manuscripts will be added upon acceptance.

  1. Commentary

    Unintended pregnancy: a framework for prevention and options for midlife women in the US

    Recently unintended pregnancies have been described as "a new kind of mid-life crisis." Given the high prevalence of unwanted or mistimed pregnancy in the US, we examined the sexual and reproductive health pat...

    Versie Johnson-Mallard, Elizabeth A. Kostas-Polston, Nancy Fugate Woods, Katherine E. Simmonds, Ivy M. Alexander and Diana Taylor

    Women's Midlife Health 2017 3:8

    Published on: 15 September 2017