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This list will be updated with all of our new commentaries including Comments, Editorials, Meeting reports, Opinions and Q&As. Commentaries in Genome Medicine are open access and therefore free to read and share.

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  1. Microbiome-based therapies are moving quickly towards the clinic, with successes including fecal microbial transplants for recurring Clostridium difficile, hints of new antibiotics to come, and possible new micro...

    Authors: Fergus Shanahan

    Citation: Genome Medicine 2015 7:17

    Content type: Comment

    Published on:

  2. Failure to consider lessons from behavioral economics in the case of whole genome sequencing may cause us to run into the ‘last mile problem’ - the failure to integrate newly developed technology, on which bil...

    Authors: Jennifer S Blumenthal-Barby, Amy L McGuire, Robert C Green and Peter A Ubel

    Citation: Genome Medicine 2015 7:3

    Content type: Comment

    Published on: