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Cochrane Methodology Anniversary Series

Edited by: Dr Mike Clarke

A thematic series published in Systematic Reviews.

This special collection on methodology developments in The Cochrane Collaboration, and in systematic reviews and evidence synthesis more generally, is part of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Collaboration. It brings together highlights of the last two decades, challenges that have been faced and plans for the future. The first five articles are available from the links below and the series as a whole will include articles about the methods for finding, appraising, analyzing and presenting evidence about the effects of health- and social-care interventions. It will also provide insights into the synthesis of evidence in areas, such as qualitative research, economics and diagnostic test accuracy.

Publication of this article series was funded by The Cochrane Collaboration.

  1. Commentary

    Celebrating methodological challenges and changes: reflecting on the emergence and importance of the role of qualitative evidence in Cochrane reviews

    Cochrane systematic reviews have proven to be beneficial for decision making processes, both on a practitioner and a policy level, and there are current initiatives to extend the types of evidence used by them...

    Karin Hannes, Andrew Booth, Janet Harris and Jane Noyes

    Systematic Reviews 2013 2:84

    Published on: 17 October 2013

  2. Research

    Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy reviews

    In 1996, shortly after the founding of The Cochrane Collaboration, leading figures in test evaluation research established a Methods Group to focus on the relatively new and rapidly evolving methods for the sy...

    Mariska MG Leeflang, Jonathan J Deeks, Yemisi Takwoingi and Petra Macaskill

    Systematic Reviews 2013 2:82

    Published on: 7 October 2013

  3. Commentary

    Assessing and presenting summaries of evidence in Cochrane Reviews

    Cochrane Reviews are intended to help providers, practitioners and patients make informed decisions about health care. The goal of the Cochrane Applicability and Recommendation Methods Group (ARMG) is to devel...

    Miranda W Langendam, Elie A Akl, Philipp Dahm, Paul Glasziou, Gordon Guyatt and Holger J Schünemann

    Systematic Reviews 2013 2:81

    Published on: 23 September 2013

  4. Methodology

    Issues in the incorporation of economic perspectives and evidence into Cochrane reviews

    Methods for systematic reviews of the effects of health interventions have focused mainly on addressing the question of 'What works?’ or 'Is this intervention effective in achieving one or more specific outcom...

    Ian Shemilt, David McDaid, Kevin Marsh, Catherine Henderson, Evelina Bertranou, Jacqueline Mallander, Mike Drummond, Miranda Mugford and Luke Vale

    Systematic Reviews 2013 2:83

    Published on: 20 September 2013