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Climate-Smart Agriculture

The series aims to highlight the importance of developing and implementing policies for tackling food insecurity and climate change simultaneously. The series follows on from a highly successful ‘Global Science Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture’ investigating the need for an emphasis on climate smart agriculture, whereby practices are better able to balance natural resource use and food production.

Prof Ademola Braimoh

  1. For agricultural systems to achieve climate-smart objectives, including improved food security and rural livelihoods as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation, they often need to be take a landscape ...

    Authors: Sara J Scherr, Seth Shames and Rachel Friedman

    Citation: Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1:12

    Content type: Review

    Published on:

  2. To adapt to climate change and ensure food security, major interventions are required to transform current patterns and practices of food production, distribution and consumption. The scientific community has ...

    Authors: John R Beddington, Mohammed Asaduzzaman, Megan E Clark, Adrian Fernández Bremauntz, Marion D Guillou, Molly M Jahn, Erda Lin, Tekalign Mamo, Christine Negra, Carlos A Nobre, Robert J Scholes, Rita Sharma, Nguyen Van Bo and Judi Wakhungu

    Citation: Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1:10

    Content type: Research

    Published on: