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Chronic cough hypersensitivity syndrome

Chronic cough remains a clinical problem that most clinicians, whether in general or hospital practice, are bound to encounter in their professional lives. The new emerging concept of chronic cough being considered as a cough hypersensitivity syndrome may help scientists and clinicians to better understand and treat it. At the Seventh International Cough Symposium held in London in July 2013 and supported by Imperial College London and by unrestricted educational grants from Proctor Gamble and GSK, many aspects of the cough hypersensitivity syndrome were discussed and we have been fortunate to assemble a series of 12 reviews covering the various aspects of this problem. The first article focuses on personal reminicenses of Professor John Widdicombe who devoted his latter years to understanding the physiology and neural pathways of cough.

  1. Cough is one of the most common complaints for which patients seek medical attention. Misdiagnosis and mistreatment of cough exist commonly in China. The prevalence of acute cough caused by upper airway infect...

    Authors: Kefang Lai, Jiayu Pan, Ruchong Chen, Baojuan Liu, Wei Luo and Nanshan Zhong
    Citation: Cough 2013 9:18
  2. About 40% of the population will experience chronic cough at some point during their lives and it tends to be more common in women (Thorax 58:901–7, 2003). Post-nasal drip (or upper airway cough syndrome), gastro...

    Authors: Guri S Sandhu and Romana Kuchai
    Citation: Cough 2013 9:16
  3. Chronic cough has been suggested to be due to three conditions, asthma, post nasal drip, and reflux disease. A different paradigm has evolved in which cough is viewed as the primary condition characterised by ...

    Authors: Alyn H Morice
    Citation: Cough 2013 9:14
  4. There is an overwhelming body of evidence to support the existence of higher brain circuitries involved in the sensory detection of airways irritation and the motor control of coughing. The concept that cough ...

    Authors: Stuart B Mazzone, Alice E McGovern, Seung-Kwon Yang, Ariel Woo, Simon Phipps, Ayaka Ando, Jennifer Leech and Michael J Farrell
    Citation: Cough 2013 9:7