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Current topics in China for Environmental Mutagen Research

YuanLangDr. Yang Luan (photo) has asked some of the top environmental mutagen researchers in China to collect the manuscripts for Genes and Environment
As Editor-in-chief, I would like to express my gratitude to the authors for the collection, especially, the guest editor, Dr. Luan for her additional contribution to the collection as an author.
I found the papers in this collection very interesting and of help to learn not only about the environmental issues in China, but also the topics of interest to researchers in China.  I am sure the readers will enjoy reading these articles too.

  1. Environmental pollution is a risk factor for adverse birth outcomes, especially preterm birth (PTB) and early-term birth (ETB). It has been revealed that exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) during pregnan...

    Authors: Kaixin Cao, Hongyan Jin, Haoxin Li, Mengmeng Tang, Jianhong Ge, Zekang Li, Xiaoyun Wang and Xuetao Wei
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2022 44:9
  2. Workers in electronics manufacturers may be exposed to various occupational hazards such as isopropanol, lead, and noise. Telomeres are special segments of cap-like DNA protein complex at end of liner chromoso...

    Authors: Yao Lu, Xinxia Liu, Zhiqiang Zhao, Xiaoyan Ou, Yarui Yang, Qing Wei, Jingli Chen, Jun Jiang, Yi Sun, Heping Zhao, Sai Wu and Yun He
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:57
  3. Neurodegenerative diseases are becoming major socio-economic burdens. However, most of them still have no effective treatment. Growing evidence indicates excess exposure to pesticides are involved in the devel...

    Authors: Guangxia Yu, Qianqian Su, Yao Chen, Lingyan Wu, Siying Wu and Huangyuan Li
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:55
  4. The PIG-A gene mutation assay is a valuable tool for measuring in vivo gene mutations in blood cells. The human PIG-A assay, used as a potential genotoxicity biomarker, is minimally invasive, sensitive, and cost-...

    Authors: Yiyi Cao, Jing Xi, Chuanxi Tang, Ziying Yang, Weiying Liu, Xinyue You, Nannan Feng, Xin Yu Zhang, Jingui Wu, Yingxin Yu and Yang Luan
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:54
  5. Thorium is ubiquitous in the environment and its relationship with birth defects is still under discussion. This study aimed to investigate the associations of maternal exposure to thorium with risk of neural ...

    Authors: Bin Wang, Yiming Pang, Yali Zhang, Le Zhang, Rongwei Ye, Lailai Yan, Zhiwen Li and Aiguo Ren
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:51
  6. To explore the role of folate metabolism in 1,3-Butadiene (BD)'s genotoxicity, we conducted a match-up study in BD-exposed workers in China to analyze the associations between the polymorphisms of methylenetet...

    Authors: Menglong Xiang, Zhi Wang, Peng Zou, Xi Ling, Guowei Zhang, Ziyuan Zhou, Jia Cao and Lin Ao
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:44
  7. Due to the complex structure and function of central nervous system (CNS), human CNS in vitro modeling is still a great challenge. Neurotoxicity testing of environmental chemicals mainly depends on the traditi...

    Authors: Yuanyuan Zheng, Fangrong Zhang, Shengmin Xu and Lijun Wu
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:39