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Climatic benefits of forests in Europe

  1. A regional-scale sensitivity study has been carried out to investigate the climatic effects of forest cover change in Europe. Applying REMO (regional climate model of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology),...

    Authors: Borbála Gálos, Stefan Hagemann, Andreas Hänsler, Georg Kindermann, Diana Rechid, Kevin Sieck, Claas Teichmann and Daniela Jacob
    Citation: Carbon Balance and Management 2013 8:3
  2. Forests play an important role in the global carbon flow. They can store carbon and can also provide wood which can substitute other materials. In EU27 the standing biomass is steadily increasing. Increments a...

    Authors: Georg E Kindermann, Stefan Schörghuber, Tapio Linkosalo, Anabel Sanchez, Werner Rammer, Rupert Seidl and Manfred J Lexer
    Citation: Carbon Balance and Management 2013 8:2