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Canine Myositis

This collection aims to bring together research investigating canine myositis. Canine myositis is an important clinical diagnosis in dogs which may include a number of closely related conditions with an underlying autoimmune basis. Myositis usually causes major health and welfare issues, shortening both life and health span of dogs. Canine myositis has been recognised by veterinarians for some time although its underlying etiology, pathology and clinical heterogeneity are only now being fully explored. Myositis appears to be more common in some pedigree breeds but large population based robust epidemiological studies are as yet missing. As new molecular, genetic, immunological technologies are increasingly available for canine research, along with the creation of large electronic longitudinal clinical record data bases, conditions such as canine myositis are now becoming better resolved.

Canine Medicine and Genetics invites you to submit original research or reviews on topics relating to canine myositis. To submit your manuscript, please use our online submission system, and indicate in your cover letter that you would like the manuscript to be considered for this article collection.

For more information on how to submit your article to Canine Medicine and Genetics, please see our submission guidelines. Any accepted articles will appear together on this collection page, as and when the publications are ready.