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Cancer and the heart: Novel insights of biology, diagnosis, and management

We are delighted to announce the winner of this Cardio-Oncology manuscript competition, which has been sponsored by ICOS in collaboration with the Thalheimer Center for Cardio-Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Congratulations to Drs. Prince Otchere, Olusola Adekoya, Samuel B. Governor, Naveen Vuppuluri, Akruti Prabhakar, Stella Pak, Oduro Oppong-Nkrumah, Francis Cook, Rudy Bohinc, and Gregory Aune for their winning paper: Development of cardiac risk prediction model in patients with HER-2 positive breast cancer on trastuzumab therapy.

The judges selected the article based on originality and impact and noted: “This report has broad potential applicability as it provides clinically relevant information on the value of cardiac echo monitoring in omen with early stage HER2+ breast cancer who have different risks for treatment-related cardiotoxicity. The identified risks factors for developing treatment emergent cardiotoxicity are universally available for all breast cancer patients. The high negative predicative value at 94% facilitates clinical decision-making in patients who lack risk factors although Level I guideline recommendations for increasing the recommended intervals between echoes require prospective evaluation of outcomes of different imaging strategies. The authors note the limitations of their findings and the opportunities for future research based on their findings.”

Their prize, awarded to first author Dr. Prince Otchere, includes:

  • a fully waived APC on a second Cardio-Oncology manuscript within one year (the journal's standard peer review process would apply); 
  • ICOS dues paid for one year; 
  • free registration at GCOS 2023;
  • and prominent promotion of the winning article by ICOS and the journal.

Please see below to read all articles accepted for publication as part of this competition.

Articles published in the competition collection have already gone through the systematic peer review process of the journal. If you have any questions, please contact the Editorial Office.

New Content Item

  1. Soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor is an inflammatory biomarker that may prognosticate cardiovascular outcomes. We sought to determine the associations between soluble urokinase plasminogen activ...

    Authors: Jian Chu, Lillian Tung, Issam Atallah, Changli Wei, Melody Cobleigh, Ruta Rao, Steven B. Feinstein, Lydia Usha, Kathrin Banach, Jochen Reiser and Tochukwu M. Okwuosa
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:3

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cardio-Oncology 2024 10:5

  2. Asymptomatic childhood cancer survivors (CCS) frequently show decreased exercise performance. Poor exercise performance may indicate impaired future cardiovascular health.

    Authors: Takeshi Tsuda, Kimberly Davidow, Gina D’Aloisio and Joanne Quillen
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:42
  3. 25% of all breast cancer patients have HER-2 overexpression. Breast Cancer patients with HER-2 overexpression are typically treated with HER-2 inhibitors such as Trastuzumab. Trastuzumab is known to cause a de...

    Authors: Prince Otchere, Olusola Adekoya, Samuel B. Governor, Naveen Vuppuluri, Akruti Prabhakar, Stella Pak, Oduro Oppong-Nkrumah, Francis Cook, Rudy Bohinc and Gregory Aune
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:26
  4. This study aimed to evaluate the association between preoperative hs-cTnI and long-term mortality and major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) in colorectal cancer patients.

    Authors: Yitao Zhang, Zicheng Huang, Sutian Hu, Jinhong Si, Shiyao Cheng, Zhichong Chen, Jiaojie Xue, Xue Lou, Huajing Peng, Zequan Li, Mao Ouyang, Xiang Gao and Weijie Zeng
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:12
  5. Several cohort studies aimed at demonstrating an increased risk of cancer incidence and mortality in patients with a pre-existing diagnosis of heart failure (HF); however, conflicting results have been reporte...

    Authors: Massimiliano Camilli, Juan Guido Chiabrando, Marco Lombardi, Marco Giuseppe Del Buono, Rocco Antonio Montone, Antonella Lombardo, Filippo Crea and Giorgio Minotti
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:8
  6. There is limited data on the impact of cardiac disease on long term outcomes of allogeneic stem cell transplant (alloSCT). Our study aims to describe the incidence of late cardiac events after alloSCT, identif...

    Authors: Christine Auberle, Daniel Lenihan, Feng Gao and Amanda Cashen
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2023 9:1
  7. Cancer chemotherapy using anthracyclines is associated with cardiotoxicity (CTX), and left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) analysis is not sensitive to early cardiotoxic changes. Left ventricular global l...

    Authors: Diogo Pereira Santos Sampaio, João Batista Masson Silva, Daniela do Carmo Rassi, Aguinaldo F. Freitas Jr and Salvador Rassi
    Citation: Cardio-Oncology 2022 8:17