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Proceedings of the Critical Assessment of Massive Data Analysis (CAMDA) Satellite Meeting to ISMB 2018

Extended abstracts of the articles included in this series were first selected for the CAMDA Satellite Meeting to ISMB 2018 by the CAMDA Programme Committee. Before publication in Biology Direct the full articles underwent a process of open peer review, overseen by guest editors. 

Guest Editors: Joaquin Dopazo, David P Kreil, and Paweł P Łabaj

Articles will be added to the series throughout the year.

  1. Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a major concern in drug development, as hepatotoxicity may not be apparent at early stages but can lead to life threatening consequences. The ability to predict DILI from in...

    Authors: Marco Chierici, Margherita Francescatto, Nicole Bussola, Giuseppe Jurman and Cesare Furlanello
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:3
  2. Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a serious concern during drug development and the treatment of human disease. The ability to accurately predict DILI risk could yield significant improvements in drug attrit...

    Authors: G. Rex Sumsion, Michael S. Bradshaw III, Jeremy T. Beales, Emi Ford, Griffin R. G. Caryotakis, Daniel J. Garrett, Emily D. LeBaron, Ifeanyichukwu O. Nwosu and Stephen R. Piccolo
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:1
  3. Accumulating evidence suggests that the human microbiome impacts individual and public health. City subway systems are human-dense environments, where passengers often exchange microbes. The MetaSUB project pa...

    Authors: Chengsheng Zhu, Maximilian Miller, Nick Lusskin, Yannick Mahlich, Yanran Wang, Zishuo Zeng and Yana Bromberg
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:19
  4. The availability of hundreds of city microbiome profiles allows the development of increasingly accurate predictors of the origin of a sample based on its microbiota composition. Typical microbiome studies inv...

    Authors: Carlos S. Casimiro-Soriguer, Carlos Loucera, Javier Perez Florido, Daniel López-López and Joaquin Dopazo
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:15
  5. Integrating the rich information from multi-omics data has been a popular approach to survival prediction and bio-marker identification for several cancer studies. To facilitate the integrative analysis of mul...

    Authors: So Yeon Kim, Hyun-Hwan Jeong, Jaesik Kim, Jeong-Hyeon Moon and Kyung-Ah Sohn
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:8