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Proceedings of the Critical Assessment of Massive Data Analysis (CAMDA) Satellite Meeting to ISMB 2015

Extended abstracts of the articles included in this series were first selected for the CAMDA Satellite Meeting to ISMB 2015 by the CAMDA Programme Committee. Before publication in Biology Direct the full articles underwent a process of open peer review, overseen by a CAMDA Programme Committee Member.

The CAMDA conference series are part of the annual ISMB meetings of the International Society for Computational Biology. Since its inception at Duke University in 2000, it has quickly become a renowned specialized conference for examining and driving the cutting edge of complex data analyses in the life sciences (Nature 411, 885; 424, 610; Nature Meth 5, 659). CAMDA pioneered a community-wide data analysis contest providing a forum for the critical assessment of different -omics techniques, with an opportunity for full-length follow-up research papers. In 2015, contest data sets included an RNA-seq reference benchmark and an applied toxicogenomics study by the US-FDA led SEQC-consortium (Nature Biotechnol 32, 888; 903; 926), as well as a TCGA data-integration challenge. 

Edited by: David Philip Kreil

  1. It is believed that all cancers occur due to the mutation or change in one or more genes. In order to investigate the significance of the biological pathways which are interrupted by these genetic mutations, w...

    Authors: Sinjini Sikdar, Somnath Datta and Susmita Datta
    Citation: Biology Direct 2016 11:65