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Burkitt Lymphoma, Beyond Discoveries

Guest edited by: Dr Sam Mbulaiteye

Burkitt Lymphoma (BL) is an aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) that was first described by Dennis Burkitt in 1958 in Ugandan children. Since then, numerous breakthroughs, including the discovery of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and its links to the disease, have been made. The most important of these discoveries has been the demonstration of curability of lymphoma which has re-invigorated efforts to use chemotherapy to treat cancer and helped establish some of the key principles of chemotherapy, affecting cancers more broadly, including combined modality therapy, attention to tumor lysis syndrome, and treatment of sanctuary sites. In spite of this, fundamental questions about BL remain unanswered.

This collection of articles has not been sponsored and articles have undergone the journal's standard peer-review process. The Guest Editor declares no competing interest.

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  1. Myc oncogenetic deregulation is abundantly described in several solid human cancer and lymphomas. Particularly, Burkitt's lymphoma belongs to the family of B Non Hodgkin aggressive lymphomas. Although it is morph...

    Authors: Gabriella Aquino, Laura Marra, Monica Cantile, Annarosaria De Chiara, Giuseppina Liguori, Maria Pia Curcio, Rocco Sabatino, Giuseppe Pannone, Antonio Pinto, Gerardo Botti and Renato Franco
    Citation: Infectious Agents and Cancer 2013 8:37
  2. Survival rates for children diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma (BL) in Africa are far below those achieved in developed countries. Late stage of presentation contributes to poor prognosis, therefore this study in...

    Authors: Geoffrey C Buckle, Jennifer Pfau Collins, Peter Odada Sumba, Beccy Nakalema, Dorine Omenah, Kristine Stiffler, Corey Casper, Juliana A Otieno, Jackson Orem and Ann M Moormann
    Citation: Infectious Agents and Cancer 2013 8:36
  3. First described in 1958 in Uganda, Burkitt lymphoma (BL) attracted interest worldwide following reports of its uneven geographic distribution and rapidly fatal clinical course. Both suggested infectious etiolo...

    Authors: Sam M Mbulaiteye
    Citation: Infectious Agents and Cancer 2013 8:35
  4. Epstein Barr virus (EBV) is a gammaherpesvirus that is associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) and endemic Burkitt lymphoma (eBL). EBV carries several latent genes that contribute to oncogenesis includi...

    Authors: Eric M Wohlford, Amolo S Asito, Kiprotich Chelimo, Peter O Sumba, Paul C Baresel, Rebecca A Oot, Ann M Moormann and Rosemary Rochford
    Citation: Infectious Agents and Cancer 2013 8:34