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Brain Health Services

Current memory clinics have been developed to diagnose and treat persons with cognitive impairment. Empirical evidence suggests that a fair proportion of dementia cases are preventable, that some preventive actions can be taken immediately, and others may soon be implementable. 

Brain Health RoadmapPrevention may target cognitively normal persons with modifiable risk factors through lifestyle and multiple domain interventions, and those at high risk of dementia due to Alzheimer’s pathology with future anti-amyloid, anti-tau or other drugs. 

Specific skills and technology will be needed to meet the challenges posed by dementia prevention consisting of risk profiling, risk communication, and personalized risk reduction plans, for which new clinical services, called “Brain Health Services”, may need to be set up.

The aim of this initiative is to draft the “user manual” for the health care provider wishing to set up a BHS. These recommendations will be covered in four papers in Alzheimer's Research & Therapy on: i) organizational and structural challenges of BHS, ii) modifiable risk factors and risk profiling, iii) dementia risk communication, iv) protocol for precision risk reduction. 

Contributors are European dementia experts involved in the prevention field as well as experts in the prevention of vascular diseases, a field with significant overlaps and potential synergies.

This series is presented as part of a virtual conference on Brain Health Services organised by Professors Giovanni Frisoni and Jean-François Demonet. All articles will undergo full independent review prior to publication, as is standard for Alzheimer's Research & Therapy.

  1. Brain Health Services are a novel approach to the personalized prevention of dementia. In this paper, we consider how such services can best reflect their social, cultural, and economic context and, in doing s...

    Authors: Richard Milne, Daniele Altomare, Federica Ribaldi, José Luis Molinuevo, Giovanni B. Frisoni and Carol Brayne
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021 13:173
  2. Cognitive complaints in the absence of objective cognitive impairment, observed in patients with subjective cognitive decline (SCD), are common in old age. The first step to postpone cognitive decline is to us...

    Authors: Andrea Brioschi Guevara, Melanie Bieler, Daniele Altomare, Marcelo Berthier, Chantal Csajka, Sophie Dautricourt, Jean-François Démonet, Alessandra Dodich, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Carlo Miniussi, José Luis Molinuevo, Federica Ribaldi, Philip Scheltens and Gael Chételat
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021 13:172
  3. Although prevention of dementia and late-life cognitive decline is a major public health priority, there are currently no generally established prevention strategies or operational models for implementing such...

    Authors: Alina Solomon, Ruth Stephen, Daniele Altomare, Emmanuel Carrera, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Jenni Kulmala, José Luis Molinuevo, Peter Nilsson, Tiia Ngandu, Federica Ribaldi, Bruno Vellas, Philip Scheltens and Miia Kivipelto
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021 13:171
  4. Growing evidence suggests dementia incidence can be reduced through prevention programs targeting risk factors. To accelerate the implementation of such prevention programs, a new generation of brain health se...

    Authors: Leonie N. C. Visser, Carolina Minguillon, Gonzalo Sánchez-Benavides, Marc Abramowicz, Daniele Altomare, Karine Fauria, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Jean Georges, Federica Ribaldi, Philip Scheltens, Jetske van der Schaar, Marissa Zwan, Wiesje M. van der Flier and José Luis Molinuevo
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021 13:170
  5. We envisage the development of new Brain Health Services to achieve primary and secondary dementia prevention. These services will complement existing memory clinics by targeting cognitively unimpaired individ...

    Authors: Janice M. Ranson, Timothy Rittman, Shabina Hayat, Carol Brayne, Frank Jessen, Kaj Blennow, Cornelia van Duijn, Frederik Barkhof, Eugene Tang, Catherine J. Mummery, Blossom C. M. Stephan, Daniele Altomare, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Federica Ribaldi, José Luis Molinuevo, Philip Scheltens…
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021 13:169
  6. Dementia has a devastating impact on the quality of life of patients and families and comes with a huge cost to society. Dementia prevention is considered a public health priority by the World Health Organizat...

    Authors: Daniele Altomare, José Luis Molinuevo, Craig Ritchie, Federica Ribaldi, Emmanuel Carrera, Bruno Dubois, Frank Jessen, Laura McWhirter, Philip Scheltens, Wiesje M. van der Flier, Bruno Vellas, Jean-François Démonet and Giovanni B. Frisoni
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021 13:168