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Biological Diffusion and Brownian Dynamics

Rebecca Wade, Andy McCammon and Paolo Mereghetti

  1. In the classical view, cell membrane proteins undergo isotropic random motion, that is a 2D Brownian diffusion that should result in an homogeneous distribution of concentration. It is, however, far from the r...

    Authors: Hédi A Soula, Antoine Coulon and Guillaume Beslon
    Citation: BMC Biophysics 2012 5:6
  2. Solutions containing high macromolecule concentrations are predicted to affect a number of protein properties compared to those properties in dilute solution. In cells, these macromolecular crowders have a lar...

    Authors: Andrew C Miklos, Conggang Li, Courtney D Sorrell, L Andrew Lyon and Gary J Pielak
    Citation: BMC Biophysics 2011 4:13
  3. The binding and active sites of proteins are often dynamically occluded by motion of the nearby polypeptide. A variety of theoretical and computational methods have been developed to predict rates of ligand bi...

    Authors: J Andrew McCammon
    Citation: BMC Biophysics 2011 4:4