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Big data in medicine and health

This thematic series on ‘Big data in medicine and health’, addresses the research issues and challenges in medical big data, with articles related to big data and innovative applications in the medical and health domain. This thematic series will provide an opportunity for scholars and researchers in big data and health science to share and exchange their recent knowledge and experiences in medical and health information systems, data mining and data management, health care and health delivery. The topics include but are not limited to the following: Medical data capturing, data integration, data mining and data analysis; Use of big data to drive better health delivery; Application of data analytics to big data to improve health care performance; Novel technologies for handling or analyzing big data in health; Novel applications with medical data; The Editors declare that they have no competing interests.

Prof Yanchun Zhang

  1. The exponential increase of genomic data brought by the advent of the next or the third generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and the dramatic drop in sequencing cost have driven biological and medical scie...

    Authors: Heejoon Chae, Inuk Jung, Hyungro Lee, Suresh Marru, Seong-Whan Lee and Sun Kim
    Citation: Health Information Science and Systems 2013 1:6