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Benchmarking Studies


Guest Editors: Olga Vitek and Mark D. Robinson

Genome Biology is currently inviting submissions for our upcoming special issue on Benchmarking Studies.

The issue, which is planned for the second half of 2019, will be guest edited by Professor Olga Vitek from Northeastern University and Professor Mark D. Robinson from University of Zurich.

Bioinformatics tools are essential for all kinds of genomic and post-genomic studies. As increasing numbers of methods are published in certain fields, it can be difficult to keep track of best practices for their use. Large scale studies that benchmark these methods on a wide range of datasets can be extremely useful to the scientific community. Genome Biology is issuing a call for papers reporting in-depth analyses of state-of-the-art computational tools on a wide range of datasets, with clear guidelines and recommendations given for the user.

The special issue will accept manuscripts presenting:

- in-depth analyses of advantages

-limitations of state-of-the-art methods

-demonstration on a variety of representative datasets and simulations

-clear guidelines/recommendations for the end-user

-insight into future directions for methods

Submission deadline: 18 May 2019

Please use the online submission system and indicate in your covering letter that you would like the manuscript to be considered for the ‘Benchmarking Studies’ special issue. If you would like to inquire about the suitability of a manuscript for consideration, please email a pre-submission inquiry to

The guest editors will have an advisory role to guide the scope of the issue and provide advice on commissioned content, but will not be involved in the editorial decision making on all papers submitted.


Yixin Yao
Special Issue Editor, Genome Biology

Barbara Cheifet
Chief Editor, Genome Biology

Olga Vitek

Mark D. Robinson

Guest Editors


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