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The diagnosis and management of pre-invasive breast disease

Sunil R Lakhani

  1. Array-based comparative genomic hybridization, RNA expression profiling, and proteomic analyses are new molecular technologies used to study breast cancer. Invasive breast cancers were originally evaluated bec...

    Authors: Stefanie S Jeffrey and Jonathan R Pollack
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2003 5:320
  2. In this review, we comment on the reasons for disagreement in the concepts, diagnosis and classifications of pre-invasive intraductal proliferations. In view of these disagreements, our proposal is to distingu...

    Authors: Marc J Van de Vijver and Hans Peterse
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2003 5:269
  3. Flat epithelial atypia is a descriptive term that encompasses lesions of the breast terminal duct lobular units in which variably dilated acini are lined by one to several layers of epithelial cells, which are...

    Authors: Stuart J Schnitt
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2003 5:263
  4. The term lobular neoplasia refers to a spectrum of lesions featuring atypical lobular hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). The histopathological characteristics of these lesions are well documented. ...

    Authors: Peter T Simpson, Theodora Gale, Laura G Fulford, Jorge S Reis-Filho and Sunil R Lakhani
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2003 5:258
  5. Intraductal epithelial proliferations of the breast are at present classified into three groups; distinction is made histologically and clinically between usual epithelial hyperplasia and atypical ductal hyper...

    Authors: Sarah E Pinder and Ian O Ellis
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2003 5:254