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Autophagy Biology: Autophagy and the Cellular Mechanism of Diseases

This series is edited by:

  • Xuehong Xu, Shaanxi Normal University
  • Joseph Bryant, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Jianjie Ma, Ohio State University College of Medicine

The series Editors invite you to submit to this article collection entitled “Autophagy Biology: Autophagy and the Cellular Mechanism of Diseases”. The series will be published in Cell & Bioscience.

Autophagy is the natural cellular process of construction and destruction mechanisms involved in physiological development and pathological genesis. From embryogenesis to post-natal development, autophagy (or autophagocytosis) plays a critical role in tissue and organ architecture along with the differentiation of normal tissue and remodelling of pathological advancement. Aiming to expand the therapeutic potential of autophagy, many researchers focus on developing new drugs or treatment strategies for Parkinson's disease, rheumatic diseases and oncogenesis by controlling cell fate via regulating molecular pathways. This series aims to highlight essential molecular and cellular mechanisms for understanding autophagy and its comprehensive associations with cardiac vascular diseases, carcinogenesis, liver diseases, neuronal degeneration and other related disorders. Original research papers and review articles will be considered for publication in this series.  

Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Studies focused on fundamental molecular and cellular mechanism of autophagy in biological system;
  • Comprehensive understanding of the function of autophagy in cardiac vascular diseases, liver diseases, neuronal degeneration and other pathological disorders;
  • Drug development against cancers and other autophagy and mitophagy related diseases;
  • Autophagic defense and remodelling of cells and tissues;
  • Animal models on the diseases based on cellular mechanism of autophagy and mitophagy.

The deadline for submission to the series is April 1st 2020.

Submission instructions

Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure you have carefully read the submission guidelines for Cell & Bioscience. The complete manuscript should be submitted through the journal submission system. To ensure that you submit to the correct thematic series please select the appropriate section in the drop-down menu upon submission. In addition, indicate within your cover letter that you wish your manuscript to be considered as part of the thematic series on Autophagy. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review, and accepted articles will be published within the journal as a collection.

There are currently no articles in this collection.