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Adult stem cells

Adult stem cells bypass ethical concerns surrounding embryonic stem cells, and although their capacity is more limited, they still possess multipotent potential and potency for regenerative treatments. How can we harness the power of these cells for effective regeneration of tissues? This series, published in Cell Regeneration, aims to address those questions.

The articles in the series have undergone the journal’s standard peer-review process. The Editors for this series declare no competing interests.

  1. Tissue-engineered constructs are promising to overcome shortage of organ donors and to reconstruct at least parts of injured or diseased tissues or organs. However, oxygen and nutrient supply are limiting fact...

    Authors: Karoline Pill, Sandra Hofmann, Heinz Redl and Wolfgang Holnthoner
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2015 4:8
  2. In the past decade, adipose tissue became a highly interesting source of adult stem cells for plastic surgery and regenerative medicine. The isolated stromal vascular fraction (SVF) is a heterogeneous cell pop...

    Authors: Eleni Oberbauer, Carolin Steffenhagen, Christoph Wurzer, Christian Gabriel, Heinz Redl and Susanne Wolbank
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2015 4:7