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Recent advances on sustainable management of arthropod pests in African fruit cropping systems

Arthropod pests in African fruit cropping systems © Image by 272447 from PixabayThis thematic series will publish in
CABI Agriculture and Bioscience.

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience

Guest Edited by: Ramzi Mansour1
 University of Carthage, Tunisia

Submission Deadline: 30 July 2021

Over the last few decades, there has been growing evidence that applying synthetic chemical pesticides represents the most common arthropod pest control option adopted throughout African fruit agro-ecosystems. However, excessive applications or misuse of broad-spectrum active substances often results in the occurrence of detrimental side effects on fruit consumers, non-target beneficial arthropods including predators, parasitoids and pollinators that provide crucial ecosystem services, as well as on other vital environmental components. For such reasons, a major current challenge for scientists, farmers and policy-makers in Africa, is to find out the most eco-friendly, effective and sustainable pest control tools that can be used as alternatives to the overuse of hazardous chemical pesticides.

Aims and Scope: This series aims to present an up-to-date scientific and technical overview on the recent advances in Africa on the sustainable chemical pesticide-free management of arthropod pests.

Manuscripts considered: Submissions of scientifically sound research dealing with scientific validation or experimentation of novel eco-friendly pest management approaches in African fruit cropping systems are encouraged. These include :

  • Prophylaxis and effective cultural practices
  • Pheromone-mediated and/or behavior-manipulating pest management tactics: mass trapping, mating disruption, Sterile Insect Technique, attract-and-kill approach, and/or push-pull strategies
  • Biological control using either parasitoids, predators, parasites, pathogens and/or their combinations
  • Pest management using plant extracts (botanical pesticides)

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