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Recombinant production of new antimicrobials in microbial cell factories

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New Content Item (2)In the last decades the incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria affecting both human and animal medicine has exponentially increased. To tackle the burden of antimicrobial resistances (AMRs) pathogens, it is necessary to develop new antimicrobial drugs with novel modes of action. In many cases, products with antimicrobial properties have been obtained by chemical synthesis but it is a costly process and has certain limitations. In this context, the recombinant production of antimicrobial molecules from different origin appears as an appealing strategy. Among recombinant production systems, microorganisms are widely used. However, frequently antimicrobial molecules are difficult to produce, being necessary to develop new strategies for their production.
Thus, in this collection of Microbial Cell Factories we will cover research towards the production, purification and characterization of novel antimicrobial molecules as alternatives to antibiotics using microbial cell factories as expression systems.
How to submit:

How to submit:
Further details about the journal, including Aims and scope can be found here. Articles should be submitted to the journal using the online submission system. During submission, in the Additional Information section, you should select to submit to a thematic series and choose "Recombinant production of new antimicrobials in microbial cell factories". 

Submission deadline:  November 30th 2021.

Editors: Drs Elena Garcia and Anna Aris, Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology, Spain