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Aging societies

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    Background: Debate on policy challenges associated with the health of older populations in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has intensified in recent years, centering on a concern about older persons’ vulnerability to i...

    Authors: Isabella Aboderin

    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2010 32:BF03391607

    Published on:

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    Apocalyptic views on the social, economic and health consequences of aging abound. This review examines the potential upside of aging, in particular from a public health perspective. First, we review the evide...

    Authors: Marc Suhrcke, Elena Fumagalli and Ruth Hancock

    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2010 32:BF03391608

    Published on:

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    Physical activity has been identified as one of three key health behaviors impacting the major chronic diseases of aging that are increasingly responsible for a substantial proportion of global mortality. Alth...

    Authors: Abby C. King and Diane K. King

    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2010 32:BF03391609

    Published on:

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    Chronic diseases often determine pathologic phenotypes similar to those traditionally attributed to aging, such as accelerated decline of muscle mass and increments of basic metabolic rate, suggesting that the...

    Authors: Luigi Ferrucci, Charles Hesdorffer, Stefania Bandinelli and Eleanor M. Simonsick

    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2010 32:BF03391612

    Published on:

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    The role of the family in the health of its members is critical from birth to death. This review focuses on the aging family, recognizing that the family is one of the earliest and longest lasting contexts inf...

    Authors: Toni C. Antonucci and Kristin M. Wong

    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2010 32:BF03391614

    Published on:

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    Background: Many people now want or need to work longer due to increased life expectancy. In some countries statutory retirement ages deny older people free access to the labour market. It has been hypothesised ...

    Authors: Will Maimaris, Helen Hogan and Karen Lock

    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2010 32:BF03391615

    Published on: