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Aging and inflammation

Guest edited by Issei Komuro, The University of Tokyo, Japan

A thematic series in Inflammation and Regeneration.

This series of articles has not been sponsored. All articles have undergone the journal's standard peer review process overseen by the Guest Editor. The Guest Editor declares no competing interests.

  1. Cellular senescence can act as both tumor suppressor and tumor promoter depending on the cellular contexts. On one hand, premature senescence has been considered as an innate host defense mechanism against car...

    Authors: Takao Ito and Tatsushi Igaki
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2016 36:25
  2. Age-related loss of the skeletal muscle and its function is known as sarcopenia. Definition and diagnostic criteria for sarcopenia have been outlined as consensus statements from several study groups, includin...

    Authors: Sumito Ogawa, Mitsutaka Yakabe and Masahiro Akishita
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2016 36:17
  3. Chronological aging is linked to cellular senescence, and there is accumulating evidence for a pathological role of cellular senescence in age-related disorders such as obesity, diabetes, and heart failure. Th...

    Authors: Goro Katsuumi, Ippei Shimizu, Yohko Yoshida and Tohru Minamino
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2016 36:16
  4. Vascular and cardiac valve calcification is associated with cardiovascular mortality in the general population. Increasing clinical and experimental evidence suggests that inflammation accelerates the progress...

    Authors: Ryo Kawakami, Hironori Nakagami, Takahisa Noma, Koji Ohmori, Masakazu Kohno and Ryuichi Morishita
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2016 36:10