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Stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews and maps

Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of all systematic reviews to some degree. However, there has been little discussion of this important process in systematic review guidance to date, particularly in the field of environmental management and conservation. This series of commentary articles discusses various aspects of engaging with stakeholders: describing the ranges of methods available, outlining experiences from various systematic review experts, and discussing issues relating to conflict, the benefits of training, engaging directly with decision-makers, and communicating review results.

Edited by Neal Haddaway and Sally Crowe

  1. Methodology

    A framework for stakeholder engagement during systematic reviews and maps in environmental management

    People have a stake in conservation and environmental management both for their own interests and the sake of the environment itself. Environmental decision-making has changed somewhat in recent decades to acc...

    N. R. Haddaway, C. Kohl, N. Rebelo da Silva, J. Schiemann, A. Spök, R. Stewart, J. B. Sweet and R. Wilhelm

    Environmental Evidence 2017 6:11

    Published on: 15 May 2017