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Current status and future challenges in research, development and implementation of sustainable energy systems

This series offers a selection of interdisciplinary articles compiled by members of our Editorial and Advisory Board focusing on the discourse for systemic energy innovation.

These selected articles will provide readers from research, the private sector and politics with focused information on the major technologies transforming our energy system to a renewable one.

Edited by Dagmar Fiedler, Daniela Thrän

  1. In order to achieve the German greenhouse gas reduction targets, in particular, CO2 emissions of coal-fired power plants must be reduced. The co-incineration of biomass-based substitutes, here referred to as co-f...

    Authors: Steffen Knapp, Almut Güldemund, Steffi Weyand and Liselotte Schebek

    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2019 9:32

    Content type: Original article

    Published on:

  2. This review article provides a synthesis of the most significant transitions taking place in the energy systems of the USA in 2018. These include the leveling off of the total consumption of primary energy and...

    Authors: Peter D. Saundry

    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2019 9:4

    Content type: Review

    Published on: