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Plant-pollinator network: process and impact

  1. Ecosystem service mapping is an important tool for decision-making in landscape planning and natural resource management. Today, pollination service mapping is based on the Lonsdorf model (InVEST software) tha...

    Authors: Ehsan Rahimi, Shahindokht Barghjelveh, Pinliang Dong, Maghsoud Arshadi Pirlar and Mohammad Mehdi Jahanbakhshian

    Citation: Journal of Ecology and Environment 2021 45:27

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  2. As trade increases, the influx of various alien species and their spread to new regions are prevalent, making them a general problem globally. Anthropogenic activities and climate change have led to alien spec...

    Authors: Minwoo Oh, Yoonjeong Heo, Eun Ju Lee and Hyohyemi Lee

    Citation: Journal of Ecology and Environment 2021 45:18

    Content type: Original Article

    Published on:

JEAR PNPIPollination is an important ecosystem process which contributes success of plant reproduction and increase of agricultural production as well. The special issue will bring about the importance of pollination as an ecosystem service to human civilization and well being as well as to agricultural production and wild life management. For this, we seeks the possible contribution to this special issues on various subjects relative to ‚ÄúPlant-pollinator network: Process and impact". We invite topics including; pollinator diversity and protection, utilization of pollinators for other purpose of human intervention, plant-pollinator networks and related factors determination, even pollination syndrome and mechanisms. Beyond the typical scopes on pollination, we also invite new technology for studying the plant-pollinator networks. 

Special guest editor: Chuleui Jung from Andong National University, Korea ((

Keywords: pollinator, protection, diversity, plant, reproduction, agriculture, technology, network

Deadline for submission: September 1 2021. We expect to publish whole special issue by December 1 2021. 

Please submit your article  via the journal's Editorial Manager submission site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Journal Editorial Office assistant through the "Contact Us" link in Editorial Manager.