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Pig gut microbiota: Challenges and opportunities to improve the pig health

Edited by: Paolo Trevisi and Jürgen Zentek

Recently, the interest on the gut microbiome as modulator of pigs’ health largely grew. An early colonization of the gastrointestinal tract by a stable microbiome positively affects the programming of the physiological development of pigs. The processes governing the settlement and the maintenance of a balanced intestinal microbiota are not fully understood, nevertheless the Special Issue will focus on the integrated system piglet-sow-post-weaning, as a target to favor the physiological development of pigs. Piglet intervention will be presented, as well a critical review on the challenge and the opportunity of the rapid progress of the analytical tools for studies on the gut microbiota structure.

This series was published in Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology

  1. Content type: Review

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  2. Content type: Review

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    Citation: Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 2019 10:53

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  3. Content type: Review

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    Authors: Barbara A. Williams, Deirdre Mikkelsen, Bernadine M. Flanagan and Michael J. Gidley

    Citation: Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 2019 10:45

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