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JEMS Open Symposia 2017 & 2018: Challenges of Young Scientists

  1. Translesion synthesis (TLS) is an error-prone pathway required to overcome replication blockage by DNA damage. Aberrant activation of TLS has been suggested to play a role in tumorigenesis by promoting genetic...

    Authors: Megumi Sasatani, Elena Karamfilova Zaharieva and Kenji Kamiya
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2020 42:9
  2. The repeated-dose liver micronucleus (RDLMN) assay is an effective and important in vivo test for detecting genotoxic compounds, particularly for those that require metabolic activation to show genotoxicity. I...

    Authors: Shuichi Hamada, Miyuki Shigano, Satoru Kawakami, Maya Ueda, Hajime Sui, Katsuya Yamada, Soichiro Hagio, Ayaka Momonami, Akihisa Maeda, Yukari Terashima, Wakako Ohyama, Takeshi Morita and Makoto Hayashi
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2019 41:13
  3. The Open Symposium of the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society (JEMS) entitled “Challenges of Young Scientists at the Cutting-edge of Genotoxicity Research” was held in the Main Conference Room of the Founda...

    Authors: Manabu Yasui, Shigeharu Muto and Akira Sassa
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2018 40:22
  4. γH2AX, the phosphorylated form of a histone variant H2AX at Ser 139, is already widely used as a biomarker to research the fundamental biology of DNA damage and repair and to assess the risk of environmental c...

    Authors: Shigeki Motoyama, Akira Takeiri, Kenji Tanaka, Asako Harada, Kaori Matsuzaki, Junko Taketo, Saori Matsuo, Etsuko Fujii and Masayuki Mishima
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2018 40:10
  5. We have demonstrated that retrospective evaluation of existing data of in vitro chromosomal aberration test using the new cytotoxicity indices RICC (relative increase in cell count) or RPD (relative population...

    Authors: Hiroshi Honda, Yurika Fujita, Toshio Kasamatsu, Anne Fuchs, Rolf Fautz and Osamu Morita
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2018 40:2
  6. The open symposium of the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society (JEMS) titled, “Research on Environmental Mutagenesis from Young Scientists,” was held at Kokusai Kenkyu Koryu Kaikan, the Foundation for Promot...

    Authors: Kenichi Masumura and Shuichi Masuda
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2017 39:26