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Call for papers: One health paradigm to foster population health

Guest Editor: Thierry van den Berg (CODA_CERVA, Belgium)

Archives of Public Health invites you to submit to our new article collection: One health paradigm to foster population health

The One Health approach acknowledges that population health is dependent on the interactions between animal and human diseases in a social and biological ecological environment. Humans and animals interact with greater frequency and intimacy in a globalized world. This interaction offers the opportunity for the emergence and spread of disease agents (chemicals, pathogens, etc.) that could adversely impact animal or human health or both. A multidisciplinary approach is required to address these questions. Research in this series helps us to better understand the connections and interactions between human, veterinary, farming strategies and climate change. The series focuses on themes such as emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, interactions between human health and farming and wildlife. Articles should give attention to the translation of the results into public (health) policy, actions and possible interventions.

The series is open for submissions which would undergo the journals normal peer review process and article processing charge. Manuscripts should be formatted according to our submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system. In the submission system please make sure the correct collection title is chosen from the additional information tab. Please also indicate clearly in the covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for the collection.

For further information, please email

  1. Research

    Is a diet low in greenhouse gas emissions a nutritious diet? – Analyses of self-selected diets in the LifeGene study

    Climate change is an urgent global issue and the food sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE). Here we study if a diet low in GHGE could be a nutritious diet compared to the Nordic Nut...

    Katarina Bälter, Camilla Sjörs, Arvid Sjölander, Christopher Gardner, Fredrik Hedenus and Annika Tillander

    Archives of Public Health 2017 75:17

    Published on: 10 April 2017

  2. Research

    Treatment outcomes of tuberculosis patients in nigist Eleni Mohammed general hospital, hosanna, southern nations, nationalities and peoples region, Ethiopia: a five year (June 2009 to August 2014) retrospective study

    Tuberculosis remains to be a major public health problem among under developed world due to delay in detection and treatment of patients with active TB. In Ethiopia, tuberculosis has been recognized as a major...

    Tigist Mohammed, Kidist Daniel, Degefa Helamo and Taye Leta

    Archives of Public Health 2017 75:16

    Published on: 3 April 2017