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Microbiota: coevolution and the modern environment

Edited by: Dr Martin Katzman, Dr Alan C. Logan

The Journal of Physiological Anthropology is committed to the highest quality research concerning the physiological functions of modern humans, with an emphasis on potential mismatches between our evolutionary past and the modern urban environment. With the recognition that many of these physiological functions are influenced by human and environmental-associated microbiota, we urge a greater exploration of a potential microbial mismatch.

Here we encourage experts in diverse fields (including but not limited to - anthropology, microbiology, design, nutrition, ecology, mental health, horticulture) to present their ideas and novel research concerning the ways in which microbiota (or loss of microbial diversity) might influence physiological adaptations to modern living environments.

  1. Editorial

    Microbiome and mental health in the modern environment

    A revolution in the understanding of the pathophysiology of mental illness combined with new knowledge about host/microbiome interactions and psychoneuroimmunology has opened an entirely new field of study, th...

    Emily Deans

    Journal of Physiological Anthropology 2016 36:1

    Published on: 27 June 2016