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In vivo imaging dissecting inflammation and regeneration of living body

  1. Inflammation can contribute to the development and progression of cancer. The inflammatory responses in the tumor microenvironment are shaped by complex sequences of dynamic intercellular cross-talks among div...

    Authors: Yoshinobu Konishi and Kenta Terai
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2023 43:10
  2. To date, many kinds of immune cells have been identified, but their precise roles in intestinal immunity remain unclear. Understanding the in vivo behavior of these immune cells and their function in gastroint...

    Authors: Masaki Honda, Masashi Kadohisa, Daiki Yoshii, Yoshihiro Komohara and Taizo Hibi
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2023 43:9
  3. The intestine is rich in food-derived and microbe-derived antigens. Regulatory T cells (Tregs) are an essential T-cell population that prevents systemic autoimmune diseases and inhibits inflammation by encount...

    Authors: Yosuke Harada, Kentaro Miyamoto, Akihiko Chida, Anna Tojo Okuzawa, Yusuke Yoshimatsu, Yumi Kudo and Tomohisa Sujino
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2022 42:47