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Food and Sustainable Earth

This article collection is dedicated to the multifaceted issues of food production and consumption and their impacts on the planet, including the health of its inhabitants, ecosystems and atmosphere.​​​​​​​

Food is essential to all life forms on this planet – we cannot survive without it. However, the current food production and consumption patterns developed to feed the human population pose serious threats to other species and generate risks that impact on available resources in our near future. They have significant implications on climate change, land and water use, air and soil pollution as well as antimicrobial resistance. This should worry us all. There are many issues impacting food sustainability that need to be explored and discussed, ranging from social, environmental, economic, ethical, biological and health factors – and everything in between. Sustainable Earth recognizes that it can serve as an important platform for such explorations and discussions, and so we have opened this collection for just this purpose.

Edited by Dora Marinova