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Career perspectives

A commissioned series of career perspectives by experts in the field published in Extreme Physiology & Medicine. These are personal reviews and reflections by eminent academics of their life’s work, influences and career highlights.

  1. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Victor A. Convertino

    This review focuses on a career of unique opportunities to participate in various areas of research related to extreme physiology and medicine. My experience as a volunteer subject in exercise experiments cond...

    Victor A. Convertino

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2015 4:21

    Published on: 19 November 2015

  2. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Charles M Tipton

    This invited autobiographical article pertains to 52 years as an exercise physiologist of which 16 years were devoted to being an active emeriti. Although the career pathway was circuitous in nature, once reso...

    Charles M Tipton

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2015 4:6

    Published on: 17 April 2015

  3. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Alf O. Brubakk—looking back to see ahead

    The following describes my professional life up till today, but it also describes what I think lies ahead. I have led an interesting professional life and been lucky enough to be at the centre of some of the i...

    Alf O Brubakk

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2015 4:4

    Published on: 12 March 2015

  4. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Jerome A. Dempsey

    I received most of my education in Canada, finishing at the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison medical school, where I have remained throughout my academic career. The research in our laboratory centered on ...

    Jerome A Dempsey

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2014 3:13

    Published on: 7 July 2014

  5. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Ralph F. Goldman—military ergonomics

    Military Ergonomics is a name I made up when the Commander at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) told me 'The Surgeon General wants to give you a Research Division of your own.’ I ...

    Ralph F Goldman

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2013 2:35

    Published on: 6 December 2013

  6. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Peter D Wagner

    This perspective focuses on key career decisions, explaining the basis of those decisions. In so doing, it exemplifies the unexpected influences of serendipity and the interaction between serendipity and plann...

    Peter D Wagner

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2013 2:31

    Published on: 8 November 2013

  7. Career perspective

    Career perspective: John W. Severinghaus

    After training in physics during World War II, I spent 2 years designing radar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then switched to biophysics. After medical school and a residency, I was doctor draft...

    John W Severinghaus

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2013 2:29

    Published on: 7 October 2013

  8. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Paolo Cerretelli

    This article is an autobiographical account of my career as a human physiologist. I have spent 55 years traversing mountains, continents, seas, and skies, carrying out research in the laboratories of several i...

    Paolo Cerretelli

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2013 2:13

    Published on: 25 April 2013

  9. Career perspective

    Career perspective: Jim Milledge

    This paper is an overview of my career as a hospital physician with special interest in respiratory diseases. Alongside this career, I have been fortunate to be able to pursue my professional hobby of high alt...

    James Sibree Milledge

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2012 1:9

    Published on: 7 November 2012

  10. Career perspective

    Career Perspectives of Michael N. Sawka

    This invited autobiography reviews the career of Michael N. Sawka. Influences: Dr. Sawka soon will retire after a 40-year research career and was influenced by great professors, mentors and colleagues. Career Pat...

    Michael N Sawka

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2012 1:10

    Published on: 7 November 2012

  11. Career perspective

    Career perspective: John B West

    I have been fortunate to work in two areas of extreme physiology and medicine: very high altitude and the microgravity of spaceflight. My introduction to high altitude medicine was as a member of Sir Edmund Hi...

    John B West

    Extreme Physiology & Medicine 2012 1:11

    Published on: 7 November 2012