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Evidence Synthesis Technology

  1. One of the most important steps in the process of conducting a systematic review or map is data extraction and the production of a database of coding, metadata and study data. There are many ways to structure ...

    Authors: Neal R. Haddaway, Charles T. Gray and Matthew Grainger
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2021 10:5
  2. Evidence synthesis is a vital part of evidence-informed decision-making, but high growth in the volume of research evidence over recent decades has made efficient evidence synthesis increasingly challenging. A...

    Authors: Neal R. Haddaway and Martin J. Westgate
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2020 9:28
  3. Systematic mapping assesses the nature of an evidence base, answering how much evidence exists on a particular topic. Perhaps the most useful outputs of a systematic map are an interactive database of studies ...

    Authors: Neal R. Haddaway, Andrew Feierman, Matthew J. Grainger, Charles T. Gray, Ezgi Tanriver-Ayder, Sanita Dhaubanjar and Martin J. Westgate
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2019 8:22