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Ecological and environmental impacts of invasive alien species

jeae tortoiseIncreasing global trades and human activities have led to biological invasions worldwide. Furthermore, climate change increases the risk of expansions of the distribution of invasive alien species (IAS) in recent years. Such invasion of alien species into native ecosystem has reduced biodiversity and altered landscape structures and ecosystem functions while also having harmful effects on the social economy and human well-being. Many aspects of knowledge regarding alien species are required for effective management and control programs.

This Special Issue aims to contribute to the existing knowledge concerning the current status of invasive alien plants and their impact on ecosystems and their management.

Guest editor:

Dr. Jeongsoo Park, Division of Ecological Safety, National Institute of Ecology, ( 

Co-guest editor

Dr. Hyohyemi Lee, National Institute of Ecology (

Keywords: biological invasions, alien species, ecosystems, management, risk

The topics of interest for this issue include:

Alien species status
Impact of alien species on ecosystem
Management of alien species
Climate change and alien species
Competition with alien species
Risk assessment of alien species

Deadline for submission:

30 September 2021

Please submit your article  via the journal's Editorial Manager submission site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Journal Editorial Office assistant through the "Contact Us" link in Editorial Manager. 

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