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Impacts of disturbances on carbon cycling in forest ecosystems

Guest Editors : Chris GOUGH, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Andrew SMITH, Bangor University, UK
Rodrigo VARGAS, University of Delaware, USA
Editor : Shuguang (Leo) LIU, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China


The impacts of various disturbances on carbon cycling in forests ecosystems have received growing attention in recent years. However, how anthropogenic and natural disturbances impact on forests carbon cycling under climate change remains largely unclear. A better understanding of the impacts of disturbances on forest carbon dynamics across different scales is essential for projecting future forest carbon dynamics and feedbacks to the climate system. This topical issue will showcase a collection of recent advances in understanding the impacts of disturbances on forest carbon dynamics, including novel methods, new understandings, and in-depth reviews.

Invitation to contribute 

We invite all interested authors to contribute to this topical issue. Various topics may be of interest : 

  • Advances in observations and process-based modeling of impacts of extreme climate events (e.g., ice storms and droughts) on forest carbon cycling and recovery processes at stand to global scales 
  • Analysis of the effects of historical disturbances on tree mortality and forest productivity at the stand and regional scales based on long-term observations such as forest inventory data 
  • Remote sensing applications (e.g., SIF and Lidar) for quantifying the impacts of land use change and other disturbances on forest carbon dynamics 
  • Responses of forest carbon cycling to disturbances observed using eddy covariance technology
  • Comprehensive assessment of fire, and insects/disease effects on forest carbon balance 
  • Effects of harvesting activities on forest carbon dynamics
  • Impacts of anthropogenic and natural disturbances on the soil respiration in forest ecosystems
  • In-depth reviews on status and challenges on studying the impacts of disturbances on forest carbon cycle 

Short title 

Disturbances on carbon cycling 


Submissions are open and close by the end of December 2023. Note that Annals of Forest Science is published under a continuous publication scheme (papers are published as soon as they have been accepted). 


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  1. The forest canopy gaps, formed by natural or anthropogenic factors, have been found to reduce soil carbon content and increase nutrient availability. The magnitudes of these effects have been observed to incre...

    Authors: Ran Tong, Biyong Ji, G. Geoff Wang, Chenyang Lou, Cong Ma, Nianfu Zhu, Wenwen Yuan and Tonggui Wu
    Citation: Annals of Forest Science 2024 81:12