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COVID-19 National DiagnOstic Research and Evaluation Platform (CONDOR): Evidence-based evaluations of novel COVID-19 tests

  1. The aim of RApid community Point-of-care Testing fOR COVID-19 (RAPTOR-C19) is to assess the diagnostic accuracy of multiple current and emerging point-of-care tests (POCTs) for active and past SARS-CoV2 infect...

    Authors: Brian D. Nicholson, Gail Hayward, Philip J. Turner, Joseph J. Lee, Alexandra Deeks, Mary Logan, Abigail Moore, Anna Seeley, Thomas Fanshawe, Jason Oke, Constantinos Koshiaris, James P. Sheppard, Uy Hoang, Vaishnavi Parimalanathan, George Edwards, Harshana Liyange…

    Citation: Diagnostic and Prognostic Research 2021 5:4

    Content type: Protocol

    Published on: