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Papers from the 8th International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2022)

The 8th International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2022) was held in Shenzhen, China on August 8th-11th, 2022.

For more information, please visit the conference website at:

Submissions should be formatted according to the journal guidelines of Annals of Microbiology. Please indicate clearly in the cover letter and as part of the online submission form that the manuscript is to be considered for this collection. 

All manuscripts will undergo standard peer review, and must be submitted through the journal's online submission system.

The Guest Editors have no competing interests with the submissions which are handled through the peer review process. The peer review of any submissions for which the Guest Editors have competing interests is handled by another Editorial Board Member who has no competing interests.

Guest Edited by:
Prof. Nabil Omar, PhD, Agricultural Research Centre, Soils, Water and Environment Res., Inst., Giza, Egypt

Prof. Bhumi Nath Tripathi, PhD, Department of Biotechnology, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, India 

Prof. J C Tarafdar, PhD, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342008, India

This collection is closed to further submissions.

  1. To determine the differences in the microbial communities in the Camellia sinensis L. hairy root, lateral root, and main root rhizospheres in Anping Village, Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province, the community struct...

    Authors: Jinmei Guo, Jianfeng Li, Shuqing Zhang and Ping Chen
    Citation: Annals of Microbiology 2023 73:39
  2. Soil microbial communities are critically important to agricultural ecosystems. The present study aimed to evaluate the changes in soil microbial community composition and functional groups after planting Phallus...

    Authors: Xu Gao, Mengjiao Ding, Tao Wu, Xiaohua Deng and Qiang Li
    Citation: Annals of Microbiology 2023 73:32
  3. It has become commonplace to explore the spatial distribution patterns of microbial communities in natural ecosystems. However, few have looked at the responses of community diversity, structure, and assembly ...

    Authors: Pengfei Li, Tianyang Xu, Qiulong Hu, Songsong Gu, Yishuai Yang, Zhengqiang Wang, Xiangdong Deng, Bin Wang, Wei Li and Yanmei Zhu
    Citation: Annals of Microbiology 2023 73:20
  4. The present study aimed to explore the binding ability of acyl-CoA binding protein 2 to fatty acid acyl-CoA esters and its effect on Monascus pigment production in M. ruber CICC41233.

    Authors: Jingjing Cui, Mengmeng Liu, Weiwei Wu, Chuannan Long and Bin Zeng
    Citation: Annals of Microbiology 2023 73:3
  5. To explore the methane production potential and microbial community changes of combined anaerobic digestion of chicken manure and corn straw. Increase methane production, reduce the environmental pollution cau...

    Authors: Lei Feng, Xiaoyu Lin and Xu Li
    Citation: Annals of Microbiology 2022 72:44
  6. Based on the recycling principle, returning of tobacco crop residues into the field is a common agronomic practice. However, comprehensive knowledge about the effects of tobacco plant residue return on the rhi...

    Authors: Jin Chen, Jiguang He, Yang Zhang, Jie Huang, Zhifeng Chen, Weiai Zeng, Xiaohua Deng and Qiulong Hu
    Citation: Annals of Microbiology 2022 72:42