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Origin and early evolution of life

Dr Eugene V Koonin

  1. DNA topoisomerase IB (TopoIB) was thought for a long time to be a eukaryotic specific enzyme. A shorter version was then found in viruses and later on in several bacteria, but not in archaea. Here, we show tha...

    Authors: Céline Brochier-Armanet, Simonetta Gribaldo and Patrick Forterre
    Citation: Biology Direct 2008 3:54
  2. The simplest conceivable example of evolving systems is RNA molecules that can replicate themselves. Since replication produces a new RNA strand complementary to a template, all templates would eventually beco...

    Authors: Nobuto Takeuchi, Laura Salazar, Anthony M Poole and Paulien Hogeweg
    Citation: Biology Direct 2008 3:33