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Day 5: A Focus on Epidemics

Celebrating Biology Week 2015

Human history is the history of the fight against outbreaks of various diseases, epidemics and pandemics. From past to present, humans have been challenged with emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, chronic diseases and genetic diseases.

To prepare for future epidemics, we need to fully understand the rise and fall of previous epidemics. We would like to share with you some of our best articles looking at epidemics – past, present and future.

Interactive Epidemics Timeline

View our interactive timeline, highlighting some epidemics from the past, present and even the future!

Interview: Predicting Epidemics

Dr. Hiroshi Nishiura, Editor-in-Chief of Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling, discusses what the current biggest epidemics are, where the next big epidemic will come from and how we will cope with it and if we will be able to successfully predict and prevent epidemics in the future. 

Blog Posts

Read our Top Epidemics Articles

 Ebola virus disease

 Pandemic Influenza H1N1

 Viral hepatitis


 Dengue fever

 Hand, foot and mouth disease (EV-71)

 Alzheimer’s Disease

 Thematic Series

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