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Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP)


The mission of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (INSP) is to contribute to social equity and the full realization of the right to health protection through the generation and dissemination of knowledge, state-of-the-art training of human resources, and innovation in multidisciplinary research in order to develop evidence-based public policies. The School of Public Health of Mexico (ESPM) was founded in 1922, and has been housed by the INSP since 1987. Through the ESPM, our institute became the first foreign institution to be accredited by the U.S. Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) in 2006. As a leader in integral public health research and teaching in Latin America, the INSP strives to generate precise and current reference knowledge for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of health research policy on national and regional levels.

Currently, the INSP is one of the largest public health institutions in the developing world and is the foremost institution in teaching, research and service to improve public health in Mexico and Latin America. The Teaching, research and services provided by the INSP reflect the cultural, social and economic realities of Mexico, a developing, middle-income country. These activities target health professionals who work in Mexico and Latin America, the United States and, increasingly, worldwide. The INSP therefore fulfills a critical need within the public health community in Latin America and around the world.

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Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP)'s Articles

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  1. Content type: Research

    Authors: Matthew Chersich, Duane Blaauw, Mari Dumbaugh, Loveday Penn-Kekana, Siphiwe Thwala, Leon Bijlmakers, Emily Vargas, Elinor Kern, Josephine Kavanagh, Ashar Dhana, Francisco Becerra-Posada, Langelihle Mlotshwa, Victor Becerril-Montekio, Priya Mannava, Stanley Luchters, Minh Duc Pham…

    Citation: Globalization and Health 2016 12:52

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research article

    Authors: Samantha E. Rudolph, Attila Lorincz, Cosette M. Wheeler, Patti Gravitt, Eduardo Lazcano-Ponce, Leticia Torres-Ibarra, Leith León-Maldonado, Paula Ramírez, Berenice Rivera, Rubí Hernández, Eduardo L. Franco, Jack Cuzick, Pablo Méndez-Hernández and Jorge Salmerón

    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:461

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Commentary

    Authors: Matthew Chersich, Victor Becerril-Montekio, Francisco Becerra-Posada, Mari Dumbaugh, Josephine Kavanagh, Duane Blaauw, Siphiwe Thwala, Elinor Kern, Loveday Penn-Kekana, Emily Vargas, Langelihle Mlotshwa, Ashar Dhana, Priya Mannava, Anayda Portela, Mario Tristan, Helen Rees…

    Citation: Globalization and Health 2016 12:51

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research article

    Authors: Oscar Peralta-Zaragoza, Jessica Deas, Angélica Meneses-Acosta, Faustino De la O-Gómez, Gloria Fernández-Tilapa, Claudia Gómez-Cerón, Odelia Benítez-Boijseauneau, Ana Burguete-García, Kirvis Torres-Poveda, Victor Hugo Bermúdez-Morales, Vicente Madrid-Marina, Mauricio Rodríguez-Dorantes, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda and Carlos Pérez-Plasencia

    Citation: BMC Cancer 2016 16:215

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research

    Authors: Elizabeth Ernestina Godoy-Lozano, Juan Téllez-Sosa, Gilberto Sánchez-González, Hugo Sámano-Sánchez, Andrés Aguilar-Salgado, Aarón Salinas-Rodríguez, Bernardo Cortina-Ceballos, Héctor Vivanco-Cid, Karina Hernández-Flores, Jennifer M. Pfaff, Kristen M. Kahle, Benjamin J. Doranz, Rosa Elena Gómez-Barreto, Humberto Valdovinos-Torres, Irma López-Martínez, Mario H. Rodriguez…

    Citation: Genome Medicine 2016 8:23

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research

    Authors: Emily Vargas, Victor Becerril-Montekio, Miguel Ángel Gonzalez-Block, Patricia Akweongo, Cynthia N. A. Hazel, Maria de Fatima Cuembelo, Felix Limbani, Wanderley Bernardo and Fernando Muñoz

    Citation: Health Research Policy and Systems 2016 14:1

    Published on:

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Health Research Policy and Systems 2016 14:26

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