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Members of The Oberlin Group of Libraries:

Amherst College

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Bowdoin College

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Bucknell University

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Claremont Colleges

Clark University

Colby College

Colorado College

Dickinson College

Eckerd College

Franklin & Marshall College

Furman University

Gettysburg College

Hamilton College

Haverford College

Lafayette College

Lawrence University

Macalester College

Middlebury College

Mount Holyoke College

Oberlin College

Occidental College

Reed College

Rollins College

Skidmore College

Smith College

St. Olaf College

Swarthmore College

Trinity College

Trinity University

Union College

Vassar College

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University

Whitman College

Williams College

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The Oberlin Group of Libraries's Articles

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  1. Content type: Review

    Authors: Chad M. Kerksick, Shawn Arent, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Jeffrey R. Stout, Bill Campbell, Colin D. Wilborn, Lem Taylor, Doug Kalman, Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, Richard B. Kreider, Darryn Willoughby, Paul J. Arciero, Trisha A. VanDusseldorp, Michael J. Ormsbee, Robert Wildman, Mike Greenwood…

    Citation: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2017 14:33

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Meeting abstracts

    Authors: Adam J. H. Newton, Alexandra H. Seidenstein, Robert A. McDougal, Alberto Pérez-Cervera, Gemma Huguet, Tere M-Seara, Caroline Haimerl, David Angulo-Garcia, Alessandro Torcini, Rosa Cossart, Arnaud Malvache, Kaoutar Skiker, Mounir Maouene, Gianmarco Ragognetti, Letizia Lorusso, Andrea Viggiano…

    Citation: BMC Neuroscience 2017 18(Suppl 1):60

    Published on:

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 18 Supplement 1

  3. Content type: Review

    Authors: Ralf Jäger, Chad M. Kerksick, Bill I. Campbell, Paul J. Cribb, Shawn D. Wells, Tim M. Skwiat, Martin Purpura, Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Arny A. Ferrando, Shawn M. Arent, Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, Jeffrey R. Stout, Paul J. Arciero, Michael J. Ormsbee, Lem W. Taylor, Colin D. Wilborn…

    Citation: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2017 14:20

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Review

    Authors: Alan A. Aragon, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Robert Wildman, Susan Kleiner, Trisha VanDusseldorp, Lem Taylor, Conrad P. Earnest, Paul J. Arciero, Colin Wilborn, Douglas S. Kalman, Jeffrey R. Stout, Darryn S. Willoughby, Bill Campbell, Shawn M. Arent, Laurent Bannock, Abbie E. Smith-Ryan…

    Citation: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2017 14:16

    Published on:

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