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Rajarata University of Sri Lanka


Did you know that, as an author affiliated with Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, payment of your article-processing charge may be covered by Rajarata University of Sri Lanka's Foundation membership?

As an author from Sri Lanka, BioMed Central and SpringerOpen article-processing charges (APCs) are subsidised by the country waiver fund. Please find more information regarding your funding here.

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka's Articles

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  1. Content type: Research

    Authors: Leonie H. Bogl, Aline Jelenkovic, Eero Vuoksimaa, Linda Ahrenfeldt, Kirsi H. Pietiläinen, Maria A. Stazi, Corrado Fagnani, Cristina D’Ippolito, Yoon-Mi Hur, Hoe-Uk Jeong, Judy L. Silberg, Lindon J. Eaves, Hermine H. Maes, Gombojav Bayasgalan, Danshiitsoodol Narandalai, Tessa L. Cutler…

    Citation: Biology of Sex Differences 2017 8:14

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Review

    Authors: Buddhika TB Wijerathne, Robert J Meier, Thilini C Agampodi and Suneth B Agampodi

    Citation: Journal of Physiological Anthropology 2015 34:29

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Commentary

    Authors: Anna Kopf, Mesude Bicak, Renzo Kottmann, Julia Schnetzer, Ivaylo Kostadinov, Katja Lehmann, Antonio Fernandez-Guerra, Christian Jeanthon, Eyal Rahav, Matthias Ullrich, Antje Wichels, Gunnar Gerdts, Paraskevi Polymenakou, Giorgos Kotoulas, Rania Siam, Rehab Z Abdallah…

    Citation: GigaScience 2015 4:27

    Published on:

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