Production processes - what to expect

BioMed Central asks that one person from the organising group acts as the main contact for the project, and liaises with BioMed Central and the authors. A project manager from BioMed Central’s supplements team will be assigned as the main contact throughout the publication process.

Once we have full details of your inquiry, in principle approval for the supplement is sought from the Editor(s)-in-Chief/Executive Editor of the relevant journal. Where approval is granted, we will quote for online publication (and for production in other formats, if required). At this stage we also provide Instructions for authors (supplements) and Organiser guidelines.

If publication is to proceed, terms are agreed between BioMed Central and the organizer.

Invoices are raised according to an agreed schedule. In some cases, the publication price may be split between the authors; a small additional charge may be applied to cover extra administration costs in such cases.

Accepted articles undergo assessment and checks by BioMed Central and the journal, and once formatting is complete, articles move into production and a provisional publication date is set.

Authors are then asked to check their online proofs and supply corrections if required.

Following author approval, PDFs are created and checked by BioMed Central. For abstract supplements a single PDF is produced containing all abstracts as well as an individual PDF of each abstract.

For journals which are indexed by PubMed, articles are usually listed approximately 3 to 6 weeks after publication.

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