Supplement inquiry details

If you would like to submit an inquiry about publishing a supplement to any of BioMed Central’s journals, please contact us with the following information.

  • A proposal or brief description of the supplement, including the proposed type of articles/abstracts

Origin information

  • If the collection is not from a conference, how did the project originate?
  • If the project is linked to a conference, please provide:
    • - The conference name, place and dates
    • - A link to the conference website, if available
    • - Twitter handle and hashtag for the conference, if available
    • - Facebook page, if available.
    • - Names of keynote speakers, if available
    • - Number of delegates expected

About your submission

  • The name of the journal in which you would like to publish the collection (see our list of journals)
  • The estimated number of articles/conference abstracts to be submitted to BioMed Central
  • The approximate length per article/conference abstract
  • Estimated date of submission of content to BioMed Central
  • Expected publication date
  • Are printed copies/USB sticks or CDs required, and how many of each?
  • Provisional article titles/content and authors (if available)
  • Article type (research, reviews, reports, conference abstracts, etc)
  • A brief description of the review process to be undertaken prior to submission, including names of those involved with the pre-submission review and assessment process. For conference abstract supplements, please provide the names of the abstract selection committee


  • How will the supplement be funded? (e.g. Is there sponsorship? Will the conference cover the publication costs? Will the costs be divided among the authors?, etc)
  • If the funding is from an organization, is it a for-profit or a not-for-profit organization? Please provide as much relevant detail as possible.


  • If a related collection or previous conference has been published, it would be useful to see any previous publications.

Supplements - General information

Please see our supplements policies

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If you are unable to find the information you need on these pages, please email us.

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