Medicine Research Award winner

A population-based study of human immunodeficiency virus in south India reveals major differences from sentinel surveillance-based estimatesDandona L, Lakshmi V, Sudha T, Kumar GA, Dandona R BMC Medicine 2006, 4:31 (13 December 2006)

Lalit Dandona, MD, MPH
Professor Dondona is Chair of Health Studies and Director of Centre for Human Development at the Administrative Staff College of India. Professor Dandona’s major area of professional interest is to contribute to the development of a systematic evidence base for effective health systems and policies that would facilitate optimal health for all segments of the Indian population as well as other less developed countries.

Biology Research Award winner

Polarization and orientation of retinal ganglion cells in vivoZolessi FR, Poggi L, Wilkinson CJ, Chien CB, Harris WA Neural Development 2006, 1:2 (13 October 2006)

Flavio R. Zolessi, PhD, MBS
Dr Zolessi is based at Universidad de la República, Uraguay. Dr. Zolessi’s research focuses on how neurons are formed in development. During his masters and doctoral studies Dr. Zolessi focused on the characterization of the role of the MARCKS protein in neuronal differentiation.