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  • Image attributed to: From Haug et al 2014

    Extinct, enigmatic and altogether bizarre

    Discovery of the oldest thylacocephala fossil yet found sheds new light on the predatory nature of these enigmatic arthropods, extinct since the Cretaceous, and on their controversial evolutionary relationship with crustaceans.

    BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014, 14:159
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    Psychological factors improve ART adherence 

    A meta-analysis of factors affecting adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV-infected adults indicates that psychological factors including self-efficacy and belief about the necessity of ART should be targeted to improve adherence

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:142
  • Glucose monitoring in the critically ill

    Subcutaneous continuous glucose monitoring to guide insulin treatment in critically ill patients is as safe and effective as intermittent point-of-care measurements and reduces nursing workload and daily costs

    Critical Care 2014, 18:453
  • Wilms tumor biomarkers

    Methylome analysis of Wilms tumor identifies differentially methylated biomarker regions that can be detected in cell-free circulating DNA

    Genome Biology 2014, 15:434
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    Coping with diabetes in Latin America

    Latin American healthcare is straining to cope with chronic diseases such as diabetes; Armando Arredondo highlights the need for more resources to be allocated to preventive medicine, and discusses ways in which this may be achieved in these settings.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:136
  • Editorial

    An Editorial summing up our thematic series on 'Cilia assembly mechanisms'.  The full article collection can be accessed at www.ciliajournal.com/series/ciliaassemblymechanisms.

    Cilia 2014, 3:8
  • B-cell lymphoma relapse

    Sequencing of VDJ rearrangements and analysis of somatic hypermutations reveals two distinct clonal evolution modes in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

    Genome Biology 2014, 15:432
  • Image attributed to: Peterson B Moose_Wikimedia commons

    Herbivore responses to a toxic diet

    Woodrat populations that have evolutionary experience of ingesting creosote toxins display similar biotransformation strategies compared to naïve populations, revealing key genes that are upregulated in response to a toxic diet.

    BMC Ecology 2014, 14:23
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