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    Multimorbidity linked to poor health

    In resource-limited settings, having multiple conditions is associated with limitations in daily living, depression and poor health, especially among those with lower socioeconomic status, highlighting the need for interventions to reduce multimorbidity.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:178
  • HiCap

    HiCap is a high resolution method, combining sequence capture and Hi-C, for identifying enhancer-promoter interactions

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:156
  • Cancer 3D chromatin changes

    Estrogen receptor is linked to long-range changes in higher-order chromatin organisation and epigenetic dysregulation in breast cancer

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:145
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    pSTAT3 associated with trastuzumab resistance

    Expression of a phosphorylated STAT3 (pSTAT3)-associated gene signature is linked to trastuzumab resistance in HER2-positive breast cancer, suggesting that agents targeting the STAT3 pathway could help overcome resistance in the clinical setting.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:177
  • hiBA-FISH break detection

    hiBA-FISH is a high-throughput method for automatically detecting DNA breaks and translocations in FISH images

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:146
  • Heritability of distichiasis in the English Cocker spaniel

    English Cocker spaniels in Denmark risk inheriting distichiasis, an uncomfortable additional row of cilia on the eyelid margin. Could selective breeding benefit the breed?

    Canine Genetics and Epidemiology 2015, 2:11
  • BRCA1/2 in prostate, pancreatic and stomach cancers

    The involvement of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in breast and ovarian cancers is widely recognised; Helen Cavanagh and Katherine Rogers review the evidence for the role of BRCA1/2 in other cancer types.

    Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice 2015, 13:16
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    FEAST score is useful for triage

    A score derived from the Fluid As Expansive Supportive Therapy (FEAST) trial can be used for emergency triage in a low-income pediatric setting, which could increase the number of hospitals in such settings that successfully implement the triage process.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:174
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    Birth weight linked to hypertension risk

    A combination of low birth weight and unhealthy lifestyle is more strongly associated with hypertension risk than either variable alone, indicating that prenatal and postnatal factors could influence hypertension risk.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:175
  • Regional citrate anticoagulation in CRRT

    Regional citrate anticoagulation is being increasingly used during CRRT as an alternative to systemic heparin anticoagulation. Our results suggest that the implementation of regional citrate anticoagulation was safe and effective on a surgical and trauma ICU.

    Journal of Intensive Care 2015, 3:35
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