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    Reviewers and editors differ in rating tasks

    In a Q-sort survey, tasks considered most important for peer reviewers of randomized controlled trials, were often not clearly indicated by editors, including evaluating the risk of bias, which was clearly requested by only 5% of journal editors.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:158
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    Twin fetal tool can assess growth

    An adjustable fetal weight standard for twin pregnancies can be used to accurately assess growth while taking into account variables such as race, suggesting that this tool can be used in different populations.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:159
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    Quantifying benefits and harms

    Randomized trials are not always the best way to ascertain the benefit of medical interventions; Milo Puhan and colleagues argue that quantitative benefit-herm assessments should be used to guide further research, discussing rofilumast as an example. 

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:157
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    Comparative effects of Facebook and conventional media on body image dissatisfaction

    This study demonstrates that the relationship between appearance comparison and body image dissatisfaction is comparative for those exposed to Facebook images and those exposed to conventional media images, thus endorsing the importance of extending the body image dissatisfaction literature by taking into account emerging social media formats.

    Journal of Eating Disorders 2015, 3:23
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    ANXA1 linked to breast cancer survival

    Expression of ANXA1 is higher in breast cancer patients with BRCA mutations, and is associated with worse survival, particularly in those with HER2+ tumors, suggesting that ANXA1 could be used as a biomarker to predict prognosis in high risk patients.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:156
  • Burkitt versus diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

    Development of a new Burkitt and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma classifier based on two previous classifiers that works effectively on paraffin embedded samples and provides useful information for clinical decisions.

    Genome Medicine 2015, 7:64
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    A role for DNA demethylase ALKBH3 in cancer

    A characterization of the genomic binding pattern of ALKBH3 and gene expression in prostate cancer cells reveals this oxidative DNA demethylase strongly binds a small number of highly active gene promoters.

    Genome Medicine 2015, 7:66
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    A royal fern of ancient origin

    An exquisitely preserved fossil rhizome from a Jurassic era species of royal fern adds new morphological evidence to the controversial question of these plants evolutionary origins.

    BMC Evolutionary Biology 2015, 15:126
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    Male and female brain size in primates

    Larger brain size in males is a pattern persisting throughout primate and human evolution; new experiments suggest a major role for estrogen in down-regulating genes linked to brain size, resulting in the smaller female brain size.

    BMC Evolutionary Biology 2015, 15:127
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    Aspirin and multiple sclerosis

    Steven LeVine and colleagues review the possible risks and benefits of using aspirin to reduce cardiovascular risk for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, concluding that population-based studies are needed to establish guidance for aspirin use in MS.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:153
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