Kailash Gupta

 Kailash Gupta

National Institute of Health, USA

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AIDS Research and Therapy is an open access, peer reviewed journal publishing basic science and clinically important research articles to help abate the spread of AIDS.

After receiving his PhD in Cell Biology from Indian Institute of Science in India Dr. Gupta moved to USA.  Professor Gupta’s laboratory at the Rush Medical Center in Chicago specialized in negative-sense RNA viruses, regulation of protein synthesis, role of phosphorylation, and broadly neutralizing antibodies for HIV.  For the past decade he has been interested in novel therapeutic approaches including nanotechnology to curb AIDS.  At NIH he oversees a portfolio of grants, contracts and program projects with a goal to promote, encourage, and facilitate research toward reducing the burden of AIDS.

Realizing the importance of online open access publication for dissemination of education, science, and control of AIDS (AIDS Res Ther. 2004 Dec 14;1:1), Dr. Gupta founded AIDS Research and Therapy in 2004.

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